Circular generation

We are proud of what Papelera del Sur does. Our circular economy model is based on a strong recovery infrastructure, to obtain new fibre sources in a virtuous cycle that adds value.

Circular economy cycle

Circular economy cycle


Fibre cannot be indefinitely recycled. Paper recycling requires the addition of a certain amount of new fibres, since cellulose deteriorates as it is recycled. Being aware of this reality, we make use of virgin fibres from forests managed under chains of custody.


We work with industries, collectors and recyclers as direct suppliers, with transparent management to be able to trace material origin, encouraging responsible work in social matters.


Paper and cardboard are biodegradable materials, from natural sources. Their responsible use and consumption reduce considerably the environmental impact they have, in comparison with other alternative packaging materials.


The products we offer turn us into allies of those organisations in search of supplies to fulfill their sustainability plans, to attract green consumers, and to protect people and the planet at the same time.

Our challenge is to take maximum advantage of urban forests, with the aim of converting recovered fibres into goods that benefit the community, adding value at every stage responsibly, promoting in our society a circular economy and environmental care.

Circular manufacture

Fabricamos cartulinas y papeles con altos porcentajes de componente reciclados.

Applying modern recycling techniques, we thoroughly select paper and cardboard offcuts. After that, our production process starts.

From the continuous line, a sheet is obtained, which is then dried and coated to provide smoothness and gloss to the material. Paperboard is finally wound and cut into smaller rolls or sheets. Water saving and the reuse of the resulting waste from each stage of production complete the circularity of our process.

We are not only committed to government regulations but also to our community and natural surroundings.

Through our circular manufacture, we preserve the fauna and farming activities in the area, local tourism and, above all, we are creating a better tomorrow.