Protected forests

Plantations, biodiversity,
forestry workers and communities.

Chains of custody

Forestry certification guarantees the wood used to manufacture paper and paperboard comes from well-managed forests. This ensures the preservation of biological diversity and offers benefits for local workers and communities since they can have access to legitimate jobs.

Our products hold FSC and PEFC chain of custody certifications. Both international organisations are committed to achieving the same goal: the development of reliable and independently verified standards to certify responsible forest management. FSC and PEFC certifications aim to protect the natural habitats for plants and animals and to respect the rights forestry workers and local communities have.

A chain of custody logo printed on a carton guarantees it is made of wood from certified forests.

Fabricantes de cartulinas y papeles con cadenas de custodia.

These certifications show materials meet the highest social and environmental standards in the market.