Circular purpose

The future matters to us

Since 1973, Papelera del Sur has challenged the conception of work in the industry, as far as human beings and the planet are concerned. Our adventurous spirit inspires our creativity and encourages us to find innovative alternatives that maximise social value and minimise environmental impact.

We produce and market paper and paperboard manufactured with high percentages of recycled fibres. As a result, we retain the value of the supplies within the production circuit, reuse postconsumer materials and lead a circular economy model. 

From our plant in Tornquist, by circulating job opportunities and promoting community development, not only do we maximise value for workers but also for the region and for those who make up the recycling chain, a chain we activate through our actions.

We spin the virtuous circle with our customers, graphic converters, their customers, and mass-market companies since we offer top quality raw materials that can highlight their own purpose and provide innovative and sustainable solutions for consumers.

We want any person that experiences a Papelera del Sur product to be part of our purpose to boost a more regenerative circular economy.