Circular Alliance

The reprocessing of long shelf life cartons.

We are strongly committed to working together with Tetra Pak to close the circular loop of long shelf life cartons out of which

Being aseptic to contain liquids, long shelf life cartons are characterised by having one part of cellulose fibre (paperboard), four parts of polyethylene, and one part of aluminium foil.  A distinctive feature of these cartons is that they can be 100% reprocessed. 

At Papelera del Sur, we reprocess 300 tonnes of long shelf life cartons monthly, out of which 65% are used in paperboard manufacture and 35% to obtain polyaluminium, suitable to be  then turned into fibre-plastic sheets.

We continuously work with Tetra Pak Argentina in the collection of pre-consumer materials, from companies that use these cartons and from post-consumer collectors working for cooperatives.