Circular raw materials

We guarantee responsible management

Index, a plant from our Paperboard Business Unit, operates as a material collection and logistics centre.  Long shelf life cartons and cardboard, paper and paperboard offcuts are managed there for their reuse. 

These materials provide a source of recycled fibre for paperboard manufacture and are mainly obtained from industries, major collectors in the country and supermarket chains. 

Focusing on transparent and sustainable management, we are able to trace our supplies, to ensure their innocuousness at the same time we promote formal employment and fair working conditions. 

The recycling industry

Regarding the paper industry, fibre recycling is more eco-efficient than other types of waste management since:

  • The supply of cellulose fibre increases.
  • The emissions of greenhouse gases decrease.
  • Less energy is required to produce certain products.
  • Less waste is sent to landfills or dumping sites.

The paper and cardboard recycling industry has a key social impact on socioeconomic development, since it generates and promotes income opportunities. According to the Federación Argentina de Cartoneros, Carreros y Recicladores, the Argentinian federation of collectors and recyclers, 200,000 people and their families rely on the recycling industry.

Recycling not only constitutes a real source of income but also activates the circular economy and minimises the environmental impact of cartons.