Up to 51%
recycled fibre



Ideal for sophisticated folding cartons


Three-layer coated paperboard with white front and back. It is characterised by its good machinability to produce folding cartons and for packing machines. It allows full colour and high-quality printing on both sides and special finishes such as varnishes, laminates, stamping and screen printing.

Its fibrous composition contains from 42% up to 51% of recycled fibre, depending on its grammage.


260 g/m2
290 g/m2
320 g/m2
350 g/m2

Uses and Applications

Due to its characteristics, it is mainly used in the production of folding cartons, displays and trays in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, clothing, promotional, wine and food industry markets. Ideal cartons to differentiate from other packaging, since its white inside layer provides sophistications and the opportunity for full colour printing.

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